Is your KP a hero?

The Kitchen Porter of the Year Awards

It’s time to celebrate the incredible contribution that kitchen porters make in restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals, pubs, prisons, cafes, coffee shops, staff and business catering, casual dining… in fact, in just about every commercial kitchen throughout the UK.

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How important is the KP?

Hear what Emily Watkins, Michel Roux Jr, Brian Turner among others have to say about a day working WITHOUT one.

Michel Roux Jr

"Kitchen porters are worth their weight in gold. This idea of having a Kitchen Porter of the Year is absolutely fantastic."

Marcus Wareing

"We all know that the KP is probably one of the most important people in the kitchen and sometimes they get overlooked. It’s great that they’re getting recognised with the KP of the Year award."

Emily Watkins

"The kitchen porter is the key person, not only of the kitchen but also the whole business."

John Williams MBE

"You want somebody who’s a great supporter of the cooks. KPs are a very powerful part of your team."

Brian Turner CBE

"Kitchen porters, especially in small restaurants and hotels, have to be able to multitask. You want someone who can trim the beans as well."

Adam Simmonds

"A day without a kitchen porter doesn’t bear thinking about. For us as a business it’s vitally important that we look after them."

Luke Thomas

"Kitchen porters are very much the forgotten heroes of many kitchens, it's amazing to see the industry recognise what a huge part they play in the making of a good restaurant and efficient kitchen with this award."

Will Holland

"The kitchen porter is one of the most important people in the building."

2016 winner Peter Barnetson

What does it take to be a winner?

Peter Barnetson of Skibo Castle was Kitchen Porter of the Year 2015. Peter was nominated by Craig Rowland, executive chef at Skibo, who said, "Peter’s work ethic is second to none. His enthusiasm motivates the team, and his fastidious standards rub off on them! He’s a famous leg-puller and his jokes keep the atmosphere light during a busy, stressful day"

This year there are fantastic prizes, not just for the winning KP but also for her or his establishment.

Who should you enter?

Chefs and managers from every part of the catering industry can enter their KPs for the award.
So whatever type of kitchen you work in, profit or cost sector, if your KP goes that extra mile, then enter them for the KP of the Year.

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